Mastering Distributed Tracing

  • Publisher: Packt Publishing (February, 2019)
  • Illustration by: Lev Polyakov
  • Source code for examples: on GitHub

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This book is based on my 3+ years of experience with building, deploying, and operating Jaeger, an open-source distributed tracing platform at Uber Technologies, Inc., and my involvement with the standardization efforts, such as the CNCF OpenTracing project and the W3C Distributed Tracing Working Group. It is a practical guide to distributed tracing, offering end-to-end (get it?) coverage of the field.

4.5 stars By asoare on September 23, 2019

I started reading this book as I felt unsatisfied with the free resources found online and it proved to be a very wise decision. The book is easy to follow, very informative and well structured. It provides the insights/tools/questions you should ask when deciding to implement distributed tracing.

5 stars By carlossantana on June 7, 2019

This is hands down the best book on distributing tracing for modern cloud native applications.

When you read this book you will:

  • Become familiar with the history and theoretical foundations of tracing;
  • Solve the data gathering problem through manual and automatic code instrumentation, with open standards like OpenTracing, W3C Trace Context, and OpenCensus;
  • Consider the benefits and applications of a distributed tracing infrastructure for understanding and profiling complex systems;
  • Learn how to deploy and operate a distributed tracing platform at scale.

Table of contents:

  • Part I: Introduction
    • Chapter 1: Why Distributed Tracing
    • Chapter 2: Taking Tracing for a HotROD ride
    • Chapter 3: Distributed Tracing Fundamentals
  • Part II: Data Gathering Problem
    • Chapter 4: Instrumentation Basics with OpenTracing
    • Chapter 5: Instrumentation of Asynchronous Applications
    • Chapter 6: Tracing Standards and Ecosystem
    • Chapter 7: Tracing with Service Mesh
    • Chapter 8: All About Sampling
  • Part III: Getting Value from Tracing
    • Chapter 9: Turning the Lights On
    • Chapter 10: Distributed Context Propagation
    • Chapter 11: Integration with Metrics and Logs
    • Chapter 12: Gathering Insights Through Data Mining
  • Part IV: Deploying and Operating Tracing Infrastructure
    • Chapter 13: Implementing tracing in large organizations
    • Chapter 14: Under the Hood of a Distributed Tracing System